28 “Highlights” of Dog Ownership

Actual highlights

  • We’ve taught the dogs to sleep in until 11 am. They’re so lazy.
  • They do amazing things for my mental health, confidence, and they stop me from feeling lonely.
  • They’ve helped me make friends in a new town.
  • They constantly make me smile with their silliness and cuteness. Delphi loves a super dramatic flop down, and it always makes me laugh. She’s also super soft in every sense of the word. Cassi looks lovingly into our eyes which melts my heart. She also does really cute ‘awoooos’ sometimes. I’m also obsessed with her ears (and all of her, to be honest).
  • I know we’ve saved them from a terrible fate.
  • They give me something to be grateful for every day.
  • Having a once-terrified dog curl up to you for cuddles and kisses is beautiful.
  • Having gorgeous pups to stroke and cuddle gives me a deep feeling of happiness and contentment.
  • Currently, Cassi doesn’t like the rain, which means I don’t have to walk her in it. She’s getting braver, though, thanks to Delphi!
  • Their happiness when they see cheese.
  • They’re just really frigging cute. Most of the time.



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Victoria Wise

Victoria Wise

You’ll see stories about my rescue pups, music, and psychology when I have the time to write! :)